Content Marketing Manager

The energy sector is on most people’s minds these days and a lot is happening, not the least

within green energy and local energy solutions. Gas has a long tradition in Stockholm, the first street light being lit in 1853.  The gas grid provides Stockholm, Solna and Sundbyberg with biogas and natural gas. The current composition of the gas supplied through the network includes approx. 80% biogas. They deliver gas to 50 000 private consumers as well as companies in various sectors.

Stockholm Gas is in an exciting time with a new CEO leading the company on a growth journey, focusing on biogas and other local solutions for green energy.

The role
As Content Marketing Manager at Stockholm Gas you will be responsible for developing and executing the content marketing strategy. You work closely with the rest of the marketing team to create engaging content throughout the customer journey but with a focus on the upper parts of the funnel – attracting the target audience and converting them into leads for the sales department to process.

You have ownership over the content on the site, are responsible for the company’s presence in social media and produce content that drives engagement. Both as written texts and preferably also in moving format and photos.

To succeed in this role, we believe you are a creative person who likes to experiment. You preferably have experience from working in both the B2B and B2C sector and are well acquainted with how to use content to attract your target group and make them return as customers. You probably know something about SEO, maybe SEM and most likely social media and know how they can work together to create successful results. Furthermore, we believe that you are a data-driven person who enjoys following up on the effects of your work.

Stockholm Gas is facing major changes and this role will most likely change a few times in the next few years. Therefore, we believe that you are a person who enjoys being involved in creating something from the ground up, who is prestige-free and has easy to learn – and wants to try new things.

If you recognize yourself in this, you have a great chance for an exciting and developing job that will offer new challenges and lessons on an almost daily basis. Here you have the opportunity to grow with the company and be involved in building your best success case right from the start.

Get in touch if it sounds interesting and we’ll be happy to tell you more!

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